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When Motor Vehicle Crashes Change Lives

According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Program, almost 14,000 travelers sustain serious injuries annually. The medical costs of these injuries can be astronomic. Between initial emergency room attendance, diagnosis, follow-up care and long-term care, costs can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. The law can be your resource for recovery.

At Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, we pay attention to your needs and the real-life impact an injury has on your life. We are passionate about the law and will vigorously promote your interests before the court. Email us today for an appointment.

What Sets Motor Vehicle Injuries Apart?

A wide variety of vehicles, like trucks and motorcycles, means that every crash has a unique potential for harm. We are avid legal resources for you throughout your recovery. We provide help for:

  • Serious limb damage, including compound fractures and amputation
  • Substantive internal damage requiring surgical intervention
  • Head trauma, including traumatic brain damage and spine injuries
  • Injuries resulting in paralysis or death

Even a small car is a bullet on the road. An accident puts drivers and passengers at the mercy of tons of metal and thousands of pounds of force. When another driver’s inattention, distraction or substance use leads to injury, there is legal recourse.

Reaching Our Office

The injured do have allies. At our office, we listen and then create thorough and substantial legal strategies that best advocate for you. Schedule a time to speak with our attorneys today. Reach our lawyers at 225-396-9789 or 866-462-1068 or by email.