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Struggling To Recover After An Injury?

Car accidents, truck crashes and other accidents can drastically change the course of one’s life. Suddenly, one is left to manage major medical issues, large medical bills and disability, seemingly alone. The law provides for the injured in many ways, the most effective of which is often personal injury law. Personal injury suits hold negligent parties responsible for the harms they cause and provide monetary compensation while the injured party recovers.

The lawyers at Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, are highly experienced legal professionals with substantial personal injury experience. We are fierce representatives and creative problem-solvers. Speak with our attorneys about how a personal injury claim may benefit your case today.

The Benefits Of A Personal Injury Settlement

As legal resources, we can help explain how personal injury claims:

  • Provide substantial medical care coverage
  • Compensate for time off work and subsequently lost wages that ensue
  • Cover follow-up care, including medical rehabilitation and, if applicable, therapeutic treatment
  • Offer lasting help for those whose injuries require adaptive medical technologies or cause long-term or permanent disability

Many people are unaware of the ways personal injury lawsuits are beneficial. Instead, they are only familiar with vague television ads or a family member’s explanation. At Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, our attorneys are educated and trained in the law. We have provided legal services to those injured in a variety of accidents, including those injured in driving accidents and those injured due to unsafe conditions.

Experienced Advocates. Passionate Representation.

We will create a case that showcases your needs and that provides the best possible outcome at a settlement. From our office in downtown Baton Rouge, we provide comprehensive legal advocacy. Schedule an appointment with our office today by email or by phone at 225-396-9789 or 866-462-1068.