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Skillfully Resolving Construction Law Issues

The development of real estate involves numerous laws and private and public parties. Navigating real estate laws is difficult, and disputes among parties are common.

The Baton Rouge construction law lawyers of Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, have decades of experience handling real estate and property development transactions and resolving construction disputes. Construction law issues we frequently handle include:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Change order changes/unapproved changes
  • Wrongly filed liens
  • Disputes regarding construction errors
  • Financing authority and agency issues
  • Insurance
  • Arbitration clauses
  • Construction delay claims
  • Design and building defects
  • Construction defects
  • Deficient/incomplete plans and specs
  • Construction delay claims
  • Unforeseen/changed conditions
  • Architect failure to observe/supervise
  • Construction contract provision disputes
  • Bid/defective bid/award disputes
  • Public works/public bid disputes
  • Private Works Act disputes
  • New home warranty disputes
  • Construction contract change order disputes
  • Permitting issues
  • Contract termination
  • Payment/nonpayment disputes
  • Time and material disputes
  • Surety bond claims
  • Landlord-tenant builds-out disputes

We have resolved numerous construction law disputes and handled the purchase and sale of real property for dozens of clients. For more information, contact our Baton Rouge office.

Do you need construction law legal help in Baton Rouge, New Orleans or anywhere else in southern Louisiana? Contact Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, by calling 225-396-9789 or 866-462-1068.

Representing Clients In Louisiana And Worldwide

We represent plaintiffs and defendants, private and public, and local, national and international firms facing construction law challenges in Louisiana. Our clients include construction companies, owners, developers, laborers, suppliers, buyers, sellers and anyone facing real estate-related legal challenges. Our attorney team includes former insurance professionals and college instructors who teach trial advocacy methods. Contact our Baton Rouge office for more information.

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