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Dedicated Representation In State And Federal Appellate Courts

Despite the hard work of trial attorneys, decisions that are made at the trial level may not always be the outcome that you were hoping for. Thankfully, our legal system allows for appeals of unfavorable decisions.

At Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, our Baton Rouge appeals attorneys can handle cases in front of state courts of appeals or federal courts of appeals, up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court. We understand appellate law, and we will put our knowledge and experience to work for you to help you achieve the best possible results.

Thorough And Committed Advocacy

Appellate law is complex and requires a strong eye for detail. Our Louisiana civil appeals attorneys will take a hard look at all of the trial history in your case. We will analyze all the potential issues that may be raised on appeal to help give you the best shot at getting a better result.

Our legal team at Carleton Shoenfelt & Chapman, has extensive experience with supervisory writs in Louisiana. We also understand how to prepare persuasive appellate briefs to give you the best possible argument moving forward. Our trial experience also helps us to craft persuasive oral arguments. Whether we initially handled your case at the trial level or you are seeking someone new to handle your appeal, we are prepared to get to work on your case.

Contact Our Baton Rouge Office

An unfavorable result at the trial level is not necessarily the end of the road for your case. Contact our Baton Rouge appeals lawyers online or call 225-396-9789 or 866-462-1068 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation. We accept credit cards, are available for after-hours appointments and are conveniently located in downtown Baton Rouge.