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What is a "103 divorce" in Louisiana?

Many residents of Baton Rouge have heard the term "103 divorce," but few of them understand the meaning of the phrase. The phrase refers to the section of the Louisiana Civil Code that specifies the most commonly used grounds for divorce. The section has special relevance for couples that have experienced domestic violence.

Factors affecting the award of alimony in Louisiana

When two people decide to end their marriage, one of the earliest questions is whether either spouse is eligible to receive alimony payments from the other. Many residents of Baton Rouge have asked this question, and rarely have they received a short, specific answer. The reason for the lack of definitive answers is the number of factors that must be considered by the court in answering the question.

What will happen to your property when you divorce?

Louisiana residents may not give a lot of thought to how the ownership if their property is structured when they are in a happy and committed marriage. For example, if their family home keeps a roof over their head they may not have concerns over whose name is on the deed. However, how property is owned and when it is acquired can have an impact on its ownership and how it will be treated if a couple decides to go through a divorce.

The role of fault in a divorce in Louisiana

The decision to end a marriage can be very personal to a Baton Rouge resident. It may involve the gradual decline of affection and love between two partners, or it may involve a serious and abrupt breach of one's trust or confidence in the other. Depending upon the circumstances of a couple's marital situation, the partners may elect to use different bases for pursuing their divorce.

The new tax law and divorce timing

Many things could impact a person’s decision on when the right time to get divorced would be. For example, there are a range of considerations related to the unique circumstances of one’s family that can play a role on this front. Also, recent law changes can be important to factor in when it comes to decisions related to divorce timing.

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