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Defense For Medical Providers

Medical malpractice is a complex and highly specialized area of the law.  Our attorneys, through years of experience, are uniquely qualified to handle medical malpractice cases. We have represented hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physicians (including general practitioners and specialists), nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nearly every other type of qualified health care provider, from the pre-lawsuit medical review panel stage, all the way through the Louisiana Supreme Court. Some of our prior work has included defense of claims based on:

  • Failure to properly diagnose and/or treat a patient
  • Failure to timely refer a patient to a higher level of care
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to follow internal hospital policies and procedures
  • Interpretation of diagnostic studies
  • Failure to obtain proper informed consent
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to timely implement physician’s orders
  • Failure to promptly diagnose and treat decubitus ulcers

Contact Us For A Strong Defense

Let us help you navigate the difficult issues that tend to accompany medical malpractice cases. Our team of litigators will work with you to develop and implement a winning, cost-effective defense strategy, including preparation for and attendance at the medical review panel, navigating post panel discovery issues, deposing and cross-examining expert witnesses, and presenting your strongest case at trial.  Alternatively, if you have been injured and believe that you were provided with substandard care, we may be able to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation at 225-396-9789 or 866-462-1068, or you can reach us by email.