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The past couple of years have forced business owners to contend with numerous challenges. Taking proactive measures to strengthen management practices and key relationships has helped businesses withstand tough times.

Here are some ways that businesses have persevered in unforeseen conditions.

Prioritize employee relationship management

Employers across numerous industries are having a harder time recruiting and retaining personnel. Labor shortages have prompted employers to reevaluate compensation, benefits, and work perks. Now more than ever, attracting top-tier candidates is a key directive.

Be ready to protect your bottom line

Rising costs for basic materials and services that businesses need to sustain their day-to-day activities have strained operating budgets of all sizes. Building contingencies into individual line items has kept companies from overextending themselves. Likewise, setting aside funds in rainy day accounts or having access to proceeds from business interruption insurance policies can equip companies to stay on top of their overhead expenses and stabilize net revenue.

Adapt to adversity

When businesses have to confront new conditions, their leadership needs to be ready to regroup and restrategize. Supply chain interruptions and abrupt changes in consumer trends, for example, have made it necessary for a lot of businesses to modify business plans and operating agreements.

To successfully steer big changes, insight and expertise from a board of directors can be a valuable asset. In some instances, guidance from a consultant could steer businesses in the right direction, but businesses need to enter into these types of relationships with practical expectations and clear agreements.

Amid significant turbulence, business owners have had a first-hand look at the utility of resourceful financial planning and operations management.