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When you and your spouse got married and had children, you may not have expected to get divorced. However, sometimes life changes in unexpected ways.

If you are considering a divorce this summer, you are likely not alone. Research from the University of Washington indicates that divorce filings increase two times over the calendar year, and the second season of 2019 is coming soon.


Divorces spike in early spring and late summer

Associate sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidates Brian Serafini found that there is a biannual pattern for divorce filings. Couples are more likely to file for divorce in March and August.

What they determined is that certain times of the year, such as summer and winter holidays, are considered “taboo” to ask for a divorce. Many individuals who want to ask for a divorce around Independence Day, for instance, may decide to hold off.

One more happy holiday?

Another reason the researchers proposed for the filing spikes is that troubled couples may attempt to repair their relationship and “start again” during a holiday. As a parent, you may be thinking “if we can have a good time on our annual vacation this summer, we can work it out.”

Unfortunately, the researchers discovered that the opposite is often true: Holidays and vacations can be stressful and emotionally charged, which makes existing problems in the marriage worse. Therefore, after a summer vacation many parents decide to call it quits, thinking that the divorce process can start before the new school year begins, and give any children a chance to transition before school starts.

Whatever your reasons are for considering a divorce, many people are going through similar situations. It is always good to be weighing what is best for your family and for yourself going forward.