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How does a judge decide a child custody dispute in Louisiana?

Child custody may be the single most emotional factor in any Louisiana divorce. Many couples are able to reach an agreement on how they will take care of their children after the divorce is finalized, but some couples are unable to put aside their anger toward each other in discussing child custody. Some parents attempt to use the question of custody as a weapon against the other parent. When mutual agreement is not possible, the parents must turn to the judge, and many parents want to know how a judge will evaluate the various factors in a custody dispute.

Stanford Group class action suit transferred to Baton Rouge

The place where a lawsuit is heard can often have a significant impact on the outcome. A federal judge in Texas, in a little noticed order, has moved the venue of a class action against the Stanford Group to the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana. An examination of the potential effect of this order reveals the importance of the place a business law trial takes place.

Understanding property division in a Louisiana divorce

One of the most important questions in a Louisiana divorce is the division of the couple's property. Many residents of Baton Rouge understand that Louisiana is a community property state, but they usually do not understand how the law would affect the division of their property if they were to begin divorce proceedings.

Comparing an asset purchase contract to a stock purchase contract

Buying or selling a Baton Rouge business can be unexpectedly tricky. Many questions must be answered for both the buyer and seller. This post will not attempt to answer or even raise all potential questions; instead, the major questions involved in the two most frequently used sales contracts will be explained.

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