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Our readers may have had the experience of discussing plans with another person only to walk away believing that they were in agreement about their intentions, but later to find out that they had different expectations for their strategies. For example, two people may agree that they will purchase an item together, and while one person may believe that they will share equally in the cost of the purchase, the other person may believe that they will be providing less of an investment in their joint purchase.

The issues that can appear in informal agreements like these can appear in more formal documents, such as business contracts. When ambiguity, confusion, and unclear terms clutter the negotiations and drafting of such contracts, the end results can be hard to interpret. These flawed agreements can leave the signing parties with different expectations about what each will do with regard to their performance obligations.

A flawed or ambiguous business contract can cost a business entity some of its valuable resources, such as time and money.  In a worst case scenario, a bad contract can lead to litigation losses and civil liability for money damages.

At our law firm, we work hard to attempt to ensure that our business clients execute clear contracts that present their obligations and remedies in well-drafted documents. Having a good contract from the beginning can help a business and its owners avoid the expenses of litigating conflicts and re-creating the agreements they need to keep their operations moving forward. For more information, please visit the section of our law firm website that addresses business law.