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What is "fraudulent misrepresentation"?

Most people generally understand the term "fraud" to mean something purporting to be what it is not. A person may be considered a fraud if they claim that they have skills they do not actually possess, or a product may be a fraud if it is styled to deceive consumers into believing that it is a more valuable item that it actually is. Fraud exists in the world of business contracts, too, and readers of this Louisiana legal blog may have run into the challenging problem of fraudulent misrepresentation in their commercial agreements.

Understanding step-parent adoption

When a person decides that they want to adopt a child, they have made the choice to be responsible for that child and to include them in their family. In some cases, families in Louisiana may look to adopt children from foster care or from private domestic agencies. In other cases, they may seek to grow their families through adoptions from foreign countries. However, one of the most common forms of adoption that occurs is that of step-parent adoption.

What should be included in an employment contract?

A business in Louisiana may only be as good as the people who work for it. Businesses have an interest in hiring the right people and retaining them so that they may help the companies grow and prosper. Getting a good interviewee to agree to a position with a business can begin with preparing a solid employment contract. There are employment contract terms that are specific to particular industries, but an overview of terms that should usually be included in most employment contracts and that business law attorneys can help their clients incorporate into their hiring documents can help companies in Louisiana.

The role of fault in a divorce in Louisiana

The decision to end a marriage can be very personal to a Baton Rouge resident. It may involve the gradual decline of affection and love between two partners, or it may involve a serious and abrupt breach of one's trust or confidence in the other. Depending upon the circumstances of a couple's marital situation, the partners may elect to use different bases for pursuing their divorce.

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