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The legal needs of Louisiana small businesses

Starting a business is a dream that many Baton Rouge residents have. After all, who wouldn't want to be their own boss, work in an environment of their own making and pursue a long-held passion all for an income? A successful small business can become not only a way to make a living, but also a legacy that a person may pass down to their children.

Is grandparent visitation allowed in Louisiana?

Under certain circumstances, grandparents in Louisiana can seek visitation time with their grandchildren. Their options are somewhat limited, however, as parents generally retain a considerable amount of power over who spends time with their kids and may be able to persuade courts to refuse grandparents such time. It is important to understand the law surrounding grandparent visitation in Louisiana.

Possible remedies after a breached contract

In order for a Louisiana business to operate effectively it undoubtedly may have to enter into agreements with vendors and other entities. For example, a restaurant that wishes to serve fresh fish to its patrons may establish a contractual relationship with a fish monger for the regular delivery of certain items that the restaurant wants to keep on its menu. The fish seller and the restaurant may create an agreement for deliveries every Monday and Thursday at a certain time and for a certain fee.

Legal issues in the realm of family relations

It may be a misconception among readers of this Louisiana legal blog that family law attorneys only handle divorces. While divorce is a common reason that individuals may seek the counsel of attorneys who work in this field, family law encompasses much more than just ending marriages. It can cover the creation of new family relationships, the modification of agreements that govern family interactions and more.

Pros and cons of LLCs

Starting a business is an exciting idea. However, before you can find success in your new business you will need to make many decisions regarding your new company.

The new tax law and divorce timing

Many things could impact a person’s decision on when the right time to get divorced would be. For example, there are a range of considerations related to the unique circumstances of one’s family that can play a role on this front. Also, recent law changes can be important to factor in when it comes to decisions related to divorce timing.

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