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Baton Rouge Admiralty and Maritime Law Lawyers Serving Clients With Interests in the Gulf of Mexico and Along Major Waterways

At Carleton Hebert Wittenbrink & Shoenfelt, LLC, we represent clients throughout the Gulf Coast region, spanning the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida. We also represent national and international clients with business interests in the Gulf and along major waterways, including the Mississippi River.

Attorneys' Services for Clients in the United States

Not every company operating in the Gulf of Mexico is large enough to need full-time legal staff. That doesn't mean, though, that working with a lawyer to make critical decisions won't save your business time and expense down the line.

Carleton Hebert Wittenbrink & Shoenfelt, LLC works with small- to mid-sized companies to help them manage risks and face litigation related to a wide range of admiralty and maritime law issues such as:

  • Drafting and assessing risk allocation under master service agreements
  • Procuring insurance coverage
  • Drafting and review of master time charters
  • The enforcement of service agreements
  • Compliance with the Louisiana Oilfield Anti-Indemnity Act
  • Compliance with federal and statewide oil regulations, and jurisdictional issues
  • Vessel finance
  • Premises liability/the defense of Jones Act, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act and workers' compensation claims
  • Employer/employee relations

Legal Services for International Clients

We offer a wide range of services for international clients, including the handling of disputes involving Vessel Charters, intermodal cargo transportation and the defense of Seaman's Suits in the Gulf of Mexico. We have also handled litigation involving issues of:

  • Interpretation of charter parties
  • Protection and indemnity coverage (P&I)
  • Hull physical damage
  • Ocean cargo loss
  • Compliance with MARAD and Coast Guard regulations
  • Jones Act representation
  • Maritime insurance coverage

We have the resources to represent high-profile international clients and obtained satisfactory results in dozens of admiralty and maritime law cases for international clients. For more information regarding admiralty and maritime law litigation in Louisiana, please contact Baton Rouge's only admiralty defense firm.

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Carleton Hebert Wittenbrink & Shoenfelt, LLC accepts credit cards, is available for after-hour appointments, employs English and French speakers, and is conveniently located in downtown Baton Rouge. To contact us, call 225-234-0521.